Prémio Cinco Estrelas

Pelo segundo ano consecutivo, o Palácio do Gelo Shopping foi galardoado com o Prémio Cinco Estrelas Regiões (2019), na categoria “Centros Comerciais” no distrito de Viseu. Com este prémio, o Palácio do Gelo integra um grupo restrito de marcas que se destacam pela sua excelência, contribuindo para a promoção da região no panorama nacional.

Queremos partilhar consigo a conquista deste prémio porque a sua satisfação é o único compromisso que nos faz continuar a proporcionar um serviço Cinco Estrelas!

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Who we are

Welcome to Palácio do Gelo Shopping, the meeting point in the centre of Portugal, with unique architectonical features, where you will find over 150 stores, including 30 restaurants/cafés/pastry shops/ice cream shop, a 6-screen multiplex cinema and one of the country’s largest Health Clubs, an Ice Rink open all year and a Bar entirely made of ice.

Palácio do Gelo’s complex was a ground breaking project for integrating multiple additional facilities combining sports, healthcare, entertainment, business and services in one location. In its recent history, several events have been held there, such as the first ice skating championships and the birth of the national ice hockey team.

Taking the region’s centrality and dynamics brought by the events it has organized to its advantage, Palácio do Gelo Shopping has conquered the loyalty of millions of visitors and it helps reshaping and modernizing Viseu’s business trade, turning the city into a major travel destination.



Rua do Palácio do Gelo nº 3

3500-606 Viseu, Portugal



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